Alessandro Saiu- Illustrator

Eximius Graphic Novel - Be Prepared to Redefine the Word Superhero

Alessandro Saiu

Illustrator for Eximius

I was born in Sardinia, one of the two big Italian islands, and I’ve spent the majority of my life drawing. I enjoyed it so much, that at the age of 21 I quit my job to travel to Turin and study comic art at the International School of Comics.

Five years have past since that moment and now I’m here, at my desk, in the house that I share with my wonderful life partner and our dog, working on the art for Eximius.

The fact is there is not much to say about me. I think that the drawings you are going to see (or you have just seen) work to communicate much more about who I am rather than words. I’m inside them. See you in there.