Fortis Sustinere is a muscular alien warrior with sleek armor and no hair. He Wears 3d armor which provides him protection, gives him strength, allows him to breath, air, water or whatever condition exists. His armor also projects images so he can camouflage himself or look like a human. Fortis’s human form is a thin African American with broad features and short hair. He is sent to a foster home so he can go to high school and experience humanity at a very basic level. Fortis will be placed in a special education classroom labeled as learning disabled. HIs mission is to observe humaniy, for better, or worse humanity will be judged starting in a special education classroom.


Jennifer Linstrom (Happy) 17 year old with Down syndrome who is a character inspired by the real life experience of my daughter. Her father is a teacher, mother is a nurse. One older brother who is at Stanford studying computer science. Happy is about 5 feet tall, blond hair and blue eyes. She has a full face not fat but not thin. Her parents are very conflicted about what to do, because they don’t understand what she is capable of. Happy loves sports and boys and wears bright dresses all the time irregardless of the weather. Happy is truly in tune with what people are actual feeling even if they don’t admit it.


Lucy Nguyen 16 year old Vietnamese girl with quadriplegic cerebral palsy that is inspired by the real life experiences of a young girl who's family I took care of many years ago. She is tiny, maybe 80 pounds, with thin very pretty face. She has control of her head with mild spasticity and limited control of her hands. She can hold things, but needs adaptive equipment to eat and use the computer. She can talk but is often delayed and repeats herself. She is brilliant but let's people underestimate her intelligence so she can stay with her friends in the special education classroom. Her parents are Vietnamese immigrants who own a grocery store. Her parents are very protective so there is no mention of Lucy going to college, or having a life of her own. She will be taken care of by family. Lucy, however, has other plans.


Victor Jones is a 17 year old teen with Autism that is inspired by the real life experience of a high school friend of my daughter’s. He is 6 foot tall very dark hair and eyes. Short hair and beard somewhat irregularly cut because he can't handle noise of clipper. Victor is very sensitive to sound and touch. He doesn't forget anything and has difficulty with emotions. Victor does not like being touched especially by strangers and is most comfortable around Happy, she relaxes him. Despite difficulty with emotions he is very dedicated to those he does care for and will do things even to his own detriment if asked because he lacks a sense of danger. He has a Large extended family which is difficult for Victor to tolerate.


Vigilum are intergalactic equivalent to United Nations who act as intermediaries to different civilizations. They have been watching earth for many centuries, but are now increasingly interested secondary to the tremendous development of technology over the last century. The Vigilum are equally excited and dismayed at humankind's progress. They know that bringing a new civilizations into the fold is momentous, but they can ill afford to destabilize the union with an unstable partner. Humans have shown an ability for violence and destruction that puts their entire planet at risk. The Vigilum are unsure how to proceed as they have not encountered beings like the humans before that are equal parts reason and emotion. The Vigilum realize they cannot judge humans and thus have decided to send one of their greatest warriors, Fortis, to observe humanity for a year, to help decide their fate. Either humanity will be judged worthy due, in part, to Fortis's testimony or they will be deemed too volatile to be trusted and thus will be allowed to be occupied by an entity within the union.