Sean Adelman - Author

Eximius Graphic Novel - Be Prepared to Redefine the Word Superhero

Sean Adelman

Author/Co-founder of Raise Expectations, LLC.

Sean Adelman is an orthopedic surgeon who lives in Seattle Washington with his wife, three children and two dogs. Sean has served in the Air Force and is currently in practice in Seattle. He loves running obstacle races with his children, playing guitar, and writing. Sean’s middle child has Down Syndrome which is what began his journey of becoming an author and an advocate for disability rights, inclusion and acceptance. “My greatest joys in life have been times spent with my family."

First, I am a father of 3 children, husband to a beautiful woman who has managed to put up with me now for 26 years as of December 2016. I am also an orthopedic surgeon and an author. The story to becoming an author is an even longer one then becoming an orthopedic surgeon. And since I didn't have a real job as a surgeon till I was almost 30, its a long journey.

I have been very fortunate in my life. I grew up with a father who was in the army and a wonderful mother who took whatever job she could to help keep the family afloat. I wanted to be a surgeon because that was the hardest thing I could think of to become. So, I dedicated myself to a goal that was beyond what anyone else in my family had achieved, at least educationally. I want to be clear that does not mean my family was not wonderful and brilliant in their own way, it just means I personally had to find something I perceived as further to shoot for.